🔴 LIVE ON VIDEO | NPC USA RECAPS PLUS Rhoden vs. Heath | Heavy Muscle Radio (7/31/17)

Palumbo amd Aceto recap the NPC USA Championships. Will Mens Overall Champ Derek Lunsford prove to be a future force in the IFBB?

Plus, Rhoden vs Heath and Buendia vs Franklin feuds.


  1. Kelvin's aesthetic Training and nutrition says:

    Dave the medicines Kicking in ??? Wearing Blue keep that up makes You look bigger

  2. Paul Hancock says:

    Who is Phil Heath’s fiance though? Like who is she? What does she do and why are people reporting her opinions?
    I looked at her Insta and still have no clue what she does. She just comes across as a superficial, bitchy little tramp riding on Phil’s back for attention..

  3. scoochie goon says:

    I hate to beep my horn but I was requesting them to put this show on you tube. it makes watching it that much easier. look forward to this every Monday. not sure if you audience is maxed out for this show but alot of pod cast also post on sound cloud even though I heard it might be closing. Johnnie maybe post it in sound cloud too. it’s not like it will cost anything maybe there a bunch of bodybuilders that listen to sound cloud while they train and they stumble across this show.

  4. Kyle Philpot says:

    I’m starting a go find me club to get Chris new headphones can everyone give one dollar and we can finally get him some beats

  5. eternity says:


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