15 minute Single Kettlebell Workout for Faster Fat Loss

This full body Kettlebell workout incorporates some basic hybrid Kettlebell movements to target each area of your body.

Total duration of this workout is 16 minutes composed of two rounds excluding the warm-up routine and cool down routine.

Each round is composed of 5 exercises.

Work for 40 sec then rest for another 20 seconds.

You just need one Kettlebell for this workout but to build strength and make this workout challenging, for each exercise pick a weight that challenges you in the last 5 seconds.

Do the first round then rest for 30-60 seconds before you start the second round.

Exercise #1: Kettlebell Squat & Curl
Exercise #2: Kettlebell Half Kneeling Dead Clean to Squat and Press
Exercise #3: Kettlebell Alternating Halo to Side Lunge Deadlift
Exercise #4: Kettlebell Swing
Exercise #5: Row to Dead Clean to Squat

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