30 Minute Cardio HIIT and/or 15 Minute Abs | Pick Your Workout Option! NO EQUIPMENT

Whoo! In today’s workout, we are giving you options! I have an intense, no equipment 30 Minute Cardio Hiit for you. Then, if you have time and want to stay for the 15 Minute abs, we’d be thrilled! Somedays you are short on time and need to just get something in quick, and other days, you can train a bit longer. You pick what works for you!

I LOVED the Speed Lunge in this workout (first exercise), wow, did it burn the glutes and fire up the heartrate. I didn’t like the Semi Circle Mt Climbers! Ugh, who’s idea was that? I’d love to hear in the comments below what you liked the most and what was NOT your favourite!

3 Rounds -45 sec work/15 sec rest
Speed Lunge
Plank Jacks
High Knee Jumping Jacks
Split, Squat, Split Jump
Toe Touch Get Ups
Boc Squat Jumps
Long Jump-3 Hops Back
Semi Circle Mt Climbers
Double Fast Feet
Candlestick to Squat Jump

15 Minute Ab Workout: 45 sec work/15 sec rest
Plank Forearm Tap Out
Turtle Crunch
Flutter Kick
Plank Elbow Tap
90 Degree Crunch
Plank Knee to Elbow
Starfish Left
Starfish Right
Little Flutter Kick
Plank Alternating Salute
Side to Side V Sit

Transforming yourself inside is what truly brings life and joy. I’ve listed below some of the recommended reading that has helped me throughout my life:
When The Body Says No -Gabor Mate –
Change Your Brain Change Your Life – Dr. Amen –
Younger Next Year -Chris Crowley –
From Mindless to Mindful -Draj Frozard –
The Power of Now -Eckart Tolle –
Blink -Malcolm Gladwell –
Wherever You Go, There You Are -Jon Kabat-Zinn –
The Gifts of Imperfection – Brene Brown –
The Alchemist – Paolo Coelho –
Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert –

The BCAA’s I use:
Adjustable Speed Block Dumbbell Set:
Small Hex Dumbbell Set:

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