45 Minute Full Body-Toning Workout | At Home Strength, Cardio and Abs

We’re giving you another “Pick Your Own Workout” option today! This 45 minute full body-toning workout is all about choice! Each segment is 15 minutes and we have a strength, a cardio hiit and and ab for you.

What do you have time for today? You can pick just the strength segment, which is focusing on glutes and shoulders. Or add in the cardio afterward, which is high intensity 1 minute intervals! Or maybe you just want a nice ab workout, skip to the end and do that then! So many options! Do 1, 2 or all 3 for a 45 minute full body-toning workout!

You will need: A variety of dumbbells, water, towel.

Here are the 3 different workouts: (1 minute intervals/15 sec rest)

Workout #1: 15 Minute Glutes and Shoulders
1 minute sumo squat
1 minute seated shoulder press
1 minute suitcase squats
1 minute lateral to high front combo
1 minute same side reverse lunge
1 minute single side reverse flye
1 minute weighted goblet squat
1 minute palms facing front raise
1 minute glute sit back
1 minute single side arnold press
1 minute single leg glute thrust
1 minute pinkie high lateral raise

Workout #2: 15 Minute Cardio HIIT (low impact modifications included!)
1 minute box squat jumps
1 minute jumping jacks
1 minute reverse ice skaters
1 minute squat jacks
1 minute butt kicks
1 minute bottom burpee
1 minute climb the ladder
1 minute broad jump-3 hops back
1 minute x country skiers
1 minute 4 point ice skaters
1 minute cross body jacks

Workout #3: 15 Minutes Abdominals
1 minute princess sit up
1 minute forearm plank tap out
1 minute 90 degree crunch
1 minute bird dog plank
1 minute alternating heel drop
1 minute plank hip drop
1 minute low scissors
1 minute side plank
1 minute downward dog plank
1 minute turtle crunch
1 minute v sit pulse
1 minute plank shoulder tap


What I’m using these days:
Speed Skipping Rope:
Mutant BCAA’s:
PVL Sport Whey Protein:
Grenade Protein Bars (Seriously good and lower carb):
Adjustable Speed Block Dumbbell Set:
Small Hex Dumbbell Set:
Mini Bands:

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