50 muscle growth videos!!!!!! More 50 tons of muscles to come!!!!

Hello buds, friends and supporters, this is a special presentation from what have I been doing since August 16th 2016, when I release my first post at my patreon channel. Since this date (1 year ago) I released 50 muscle growth videos (included extended versions and short versions) 33 animated gifs and lots of free previews. This was just possible because YOU supported me, and I’m not talking just about money support, many people send me messages that keeps me motivated to keep making bodybuilders bigger and bigger in videos!!! I’m so grateful for all your kind of support, the muscle experiments wont stop!!!! 50 muscle growth videos have been made made, more 50 tons of muscles to come!!!!

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    Hi hit me up if your interested in my proposal I just pmed you

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    that first guy…

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