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Stability Ball Ab Workout
Today we are doing a stability ball AB workout that you can do ANYWHERE! There are a few key parts to having great abs: 1. Nutrition 2. DECIDE it is possible to have abs! 3. Do the RIGHT exercises. I love bodyweight exercises and I love to add a stability ball because it makes it even more challenging. So let’s do it! Grab a ball and a mat and let’s go!

Stability Ball Ab Workout #1: Knee Roll Out
Put your kees on the mat with your forearms on the ball. Do a slow roll out on the ball. Make sure you are contracting your abs, breathing, and not straining your back while doing this. Try to do at least ten of these.

Stability Ball Ab Workout #2: Standing Roll Out
Same as above, but this time do it from a standing position. It gets a little harder when you stand. If it’s TOO advanced, stay on your knees and work toward being able to do this.

Stability Ball Ab Workout #3: Forearm Circles
From a plank position on the ball, do small circles with your arms. Keep your back flat, core engaged, and start going clockwise. When done, switch to counterclockwise. Again, if it’s too hard on your feet you can do this from your knees.

Stability Ball Ab Workout #4: Plank Stabilizers
From a plank position on your hands, put your feet up on the ball and hold. Tuck your ribs down, core engaged, glutes tight and hold. How long can you hold it?! Hold it as long as you can.

Stability Ball Ab Workout #5: Ab Tucks
From a plank on your hands, feet on the ball, tuck your feet in toward your chest. Make sure you are breathing while you are doing this.

Stability Ball Ab Workout #6: Pikes
Get on your hands and put your feet on the ball. Roll all the way up into an upside down V with your toes on the ball. You should REALLY feel these! 🙂

Stability Ball Ab Workout #7: Combo
If you’re able to do all of the above, move into the combo move! Reset, put your hands on the floor, feet on the ball. You are going to bring it in for an ab tuck, then take it out, and into a pike. It’s a combo of #5 and #6!

YOU DID IT! Good job! There is NO magic number for these — you always want to do it until you really feel it in your abs. I love using a stability ball because it really helps to increase the intensity, especially when working your abs!

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