AT HOME WALKING WORKOUT – ideal as a Beginners Workout and for weight loss and full body toning.

At Home Walking Workout that burns fat and tones you up all over, this fun workout video is great for every fitness level and is suitable as a beginners workout but also you can chose each move and if you want to work a little harder you follow the workouts on the right of the screen – so this is why it suits everyone. This real time exercise video takes just over 20 minutes and not only are you going to be burning off body fat but you will be increasing your fitness and health. So grab those trainers and you will also need a broom for todays session, so let’s get started. Lucy xx


  1. zz22 says:

    Is this prenatal safe? Xx

  2. Fit and Healthy After 40 says:

    OMG, Lucy I don’t have a broom stick, lol Just kidding 😂😂😂 I will use my strider instead of walking.

  3. Maria V says:

    Love that u make walk videos.Its such a great exercise but gets so overlooked by most fitness trainers who only focus on hitt cardio.

  4. Barbie c says:

    Yay! Walk and tone are my favorites in all your workout and I look forward to trying this one out this morning. Working out with you before work for the last 5 weeks has made such a difference in my outlook and my looks. Thank you. ❤️

  5. Bonnie says:

    Thanks Lucy! Myself and so many others are so grateful for the videos you make, I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate them! Lots of love from Australia! <3

  6. FIONA LOBO says:

    Hey lucy thanks for Anna for introducing u …on channel…glad I follow what u teach

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