body transformation | 22-26 years old

This is my body transformation over 4 to 5 years using weight training, bodybuilding techniques and fat loss methods which helped me create this impressive bodybuilding transformation and hopefully give you some motivation to work out.
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  1. Jack Stockwin says:

    love it blackie!! insperational!!!!

  2. Leah Bosward says:

    Awesome transformation 😊 Can’t believe it’s been 4 years I still remember the skinny you after your knee surgery. You’ve come a long way but I know you’ve still got a long way to go 😊 All that protein in the cupboard is definitely going to help 😂😂

    • Leah Bosward says:

      True she’s loving it now though she’s dancing to the music and shouting daddy haha 🙂 definitely not running out! Haha

    • Kieran Blacklock says:

      yeah it’s crazy looking back on some of the old pictures, yeah 12 kilo of protein won’t be gone anytime soon haha but that surgery was a disaster never know it’s a change when your own child don’t recognize your old pictures lol

  3. Emma Howden says:

    Awesome transformation, you’ve really put the effort in! Great to see you back on youtube 😊

  4. NCS Sounds says:

    Nice stuff

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