Bodybuilder Goes From $18 Million to living With His Mother

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  1. Rasmus Rönkkö says:

    Get humbled bitch. I only read the title btw

  2. Mohammed Rhriba says:

    There is a lot of ungrateful scam bags like him ! they only know munmy when their life is in the shit, i bet you he prob never spent a penny on her when the money was available !

  3. Curtice James says:

    I bought tubs of nlarge2 from them, containers arrived opened, I wrote them and they responded back with: “I got lizzarrrrrrrrrds”
    COCKSUCKERS! Never bought a damn thing from them again. I’m glad this piece of shit is broke!!!! I love it!!!!

  4. Ali's Archive says:

    what is name of the song in the background?

  5. jompelis midi says:

    Better to stay and help Mama:)

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