CAN ROELLY WINKLAAR WIN THE ARNOLD? Heavy Muscle Radio (1/15/18)

Is Roelly “The Beast” Winklaar the early favorite to take Cedric McMillan’s Arnold Classic title in a deep line-up?

Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto discuss on the latest episode of Heavy Muscle Radio.

Plus, Regan Grimes leaves Kuwait and Oxygen Gym, citing health concerns, and that he wants to transition from open men’s bodybuilding to Classic Physique. Sergio Oliva Jr had some fiery words for Grimes over Instagram.

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  1. Jules Bratok says:

    Acceto had a rectum emergency…bleeding and shit

  2. Jules Bratok says:

    just needs mopped.

  3. AntiSyndromeGood says:

    Dave, before you say that crap with protein synthesis, keep it for yourself, I do this for last 5 years, bigger, faster, stronger, I can fuck World with Destructive Love!
    I prefer mostly I-Fasting 4-5 days/week as Life Style…
    When I do I-Fasting, I don’t eat and drink 12-18h avg, then I eat 1-4 meals in the window from 1500 to 4000 calories avg, plus I drink 5l+ water at least….the bullshit you can’t grow with I-Fasting is maybe for those that never tried or lack something as genetic, but not Me.

    I can be +240 lbs or +109 Kg (I’ve more strength, mass, but lose some speed and of course, condition but I don’t give a fuck…) with 16-20% body fat, acceptable in Winter ….Summer I can be 85-95 Kg: 6-12%.

    I’m mostly into Martial Arts, I do ton of Cardio: Walking, Running, Sprints and of course, lift weights from so called “light” or “heavy”…all depends on individual what is light and heavy…you can in both progress in muscles, definition and other things.

    20% body fat for woman is lean (acceptable is up to 30%), 18-22% for men is acceptable…Usually, men to be very lean is 2-6%, lean enough 10-13%, fitness up to 17% or maybe 18%…

    Remember, folks, depends on total weight too: If you have 100 Kg and 10% BF = 10 kg of fat, still lean…for a Woman with 60 Kg and 20% BF = 12 Kg of fat and still lean for woman…

    Of course, for shows shape is ideal for Men under 6% or woman under 10-8% or even lower…

    I’m proud to be be super addicted to workouts, video games, etc as Necessary Evil.

    I don’t care if is order or disorder as long I progress.

    Hybrid for Life: Good/Evil! Yes, must be a functional Addiction…I’ve knowledge in computers, psychology, training and more…

    That was my last comment for weeks!

  4. AntiSyndromeGood says:

    Off topic, some of my many rules:
    Negative things is the way for greater motivation to succeed. If feel offended, go fuck yourself again until reach goals.
    I love Fear, Depression and can increase my motivation not to give up. Also, I can use Fear, Depression vs others to have a chance to win.
    Good workout is nothing without pain, suffer, dedication, hard work and pain belongs to BAD, Evil, so in order us to be “Good”, we need BAD things.
    Tear muscle is destruction in order to get more muscle mass and with recovery, etc….
    Good can’t defeat Evil unless using weapons of Evil: violence, kill, loot, etc…Good is the Supreme Necessary Hypocrite!
    Great Movies/Games are nothing without BAD Behavior: violence, kill, loot, etc…

    I’ve said what I’ve posted on my twitter, on steam community for video games, etc…
    Survival is Mental issue as Necessity (Necessary Evil) for all Creatures that want to survive. Eating other creatures, plants, etc…Just the idea we need to kill, steal life around Us: Trees, Food, etc….

    Fuck Mankind with Destructive Love! I always thank my enemies if I progress….can be loot, kills in video games or real life…

    I wish You All in 2018 to achieve everything You want even others won’t support You!

    Listen, All! All that Reply here, can say all you want, but I don’t reply anymore, if want replies, comment on my profile, etc…

  5. AntiSyndromeGood says:

    Chris, I hope you are joking with many things you said, as sarcasm, parody, sf, fantasy, I don’t care what you say…
    Mankind is Hypocrisy, yes, I said it…Good is a Necessary lie. How about Good Food when we harm, kill nature, animals, etc to Survive…Life is Necessary Evil!
    What is more worse? Truth that damage, kills or Lies that Protect? To think that Truth is Good all the time = Brainwashed.
    In psychology there are things to encourage to lie and importance…Learn that!

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