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In this video,I have talked about most of the things regarding cardio like
when to do cardio?
Cardio for body builders?
Which type of cardio is best?HIIT OR MIIT OR LIIT?
Why not to do High intensity interval training?
and at the end,My recommendations on cardio?

You will get all the answers to the above mentioned questions in the video.Enjoy!

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  1. shaan shakeeb Shaik says:

    Bro do review your video before uploading

  2. Pirabharan Pon says:

    Hi Gourav, could you make video on full day of eating lean bulk on vegetarian diet. Would be helpful..

  3. Gourav Mehta says:

    Kill that thumbs up button if u like the video…That motivates me…Thanks for the support…I luv u all!!!πŸ’“

  4. 333PPP says:

    Make some videos for skinny guys to gain some weight. My height is 6 fit and weight 58 kg only:(

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