Dave Palumbo RX Muscle BODYBUILDING Changes and more

Dave and Ric discuss the changes in Bodybuilding and which decade was best along with low blood sugar, insulin, sets reps and heavy or light weight for best progress in Muscle Growth

Also in telling it like it is and not sugar coating conversations.


  1. Stephen Lay says:

    Great interview.  Although Dave is wrong the 80’s was the peak of bodybuilding with the 70’s being the most nostalgic!

  2. Chris Mitchell says:

    Big fan of Dave. Thanks.

  3. Bass Player says:

    Palumbo’s audio is way over processed…

  4. saul saldana says:

    Rics corner#1fitness/bodybuilding channel on youtube, THANKS RIC, ric drasin is numero uno

  5. josh vizi says:

    I don’t know why I swear this is a reupload. Obviously it’s not cause they discuss Piana in the beginning. Odd

    • Deapthz says:

      Dave had Ric on his show before you’re thinking of that. I had the same idea because sometimes he reupload older videos.

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