FLEX WHEELER Openly Talks About His Forearms, Synthol, Tattoos & Muscle Implants

Flex Wheeler The Sultan Of Symmetry Clearly Talks About His Forearms And Tattos Plus Synthol and Muscle Implants ..
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  1. Charles Gadt says:

    flex still a living legend,respect the name

  2. navy Guy says:

    The forearms, no oil like the triceps

  3. SB SB says:

    Excellent physique

  4. Rob K. says:

    He’s got nerve damage in his brachioradialias muscle.

  5. Dashcam Channel says:

    But I thought his forearms come up so quick he wasn’t even worrying about them until last. I swear he would have worn knee high socks on stage if they would have let him…

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