Hard HIIT Ab Workout Crunches and Twists to Lose Weight Be Fit

A hard level HIIT workout to make you sweat
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Workout Level: Hard
Workout Duration: 14 Min

You will target your abdominal area with this exercise, it’ll be challenging and you will feel the burn.

Exercise Routine:
Heel Touches – 60sec
Sprint – 30 sec
Bicycle Crunches – 60sec
Sprint – 30 sec
Russian Twists – 60sec
Sprint – 30 sec
Side Crunch – 60sec
Sprint – 30 sec

Intervals And Duration: Each exercise will be done for 60 seconds and there will be 2 intervals.

Exercise Explanations:

Heel Touches: Laying on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat to the ground, legs about shoulder width apart. Extend your arms down towards your side. As you crunch about 2 inches above the ground, move your arms (by moving your body) to one side of your body. That arm on that side will then touch your heel. Come back up to the starting position, breath and continue on the other side. Do not bend your arms, keep them as straight as possible. Engage your abdominal muscles.

Bicycle Crunches: Lay your body to the ground, place your hands behind your head. Raise both of your legs in a 90 degree angle, with your flat feet up in the air, facing forward. Take one knee and pull it in towards your chest, as you crunch forward with the elbow facing the opposite knee extending outwards to touch the knee heading towards your chest. Meanwhile, your other leg should be straight and held off the ground. Lay back down (not fully). Take your other leg that is being held off the ground and pull it towards your chest, while your opposite leg now extends fully. Your other elbow will now repeat the process with the adjacent knee.

Russian Twists: Sitting on your butt/tail bone with your feet slightly raised above the ground, turn your torso, 90 degrees to either the left or right. Come back to the middle and repeat on the other side.

Side Crunch: (Back Lying): Lay down on the floor, knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Slowly lift your body a few inches towards the right or left side and come back down, repeat on the other side.

Sprint: In a run, increase your speed to a maximum.

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Remember: This is a more challenging ab exercise. As a result make sure that you do not consume much before exercising. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and if you really need a break don’t be afraid to pause or try the moderate version of this exercise.

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