How much can I lift at 158 lbs? | Kizen Strength & Fatloss Program

Hello folks! In this video I will be attempting to test my bench, deadlift and squat strength after doing 2 rounds of the Kizen Strength and Fatloss program by Kizen. For any of you guys who don’t know, Kizen is a training program made by Bart Kwan, Omar Isuf and Silent Mike. Three lifters among the many that I look up to when it comes to fitness. I will be linking below the links for the program I used and the pages of the three guys I mentioned in case you guys want to check them out.

Special thanks to my buddies Jane and Nicko for assisting me film the entirety of this video. Their social media pages are linked below to those who want to check them out.

P.S. All of these footages were taken back in early October LOL. Sorry about the laziness. I’ll try to be more consistent!

Kizen Program:

Bart – @bartkwan
Omar- @omarisuf
Silent Mike – @silentmikke



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