Jake the Teen Muscle Beast Shows Off Bodybuilder Physique and Weighs

support me and get the full video. Special low price on this one check it out! 163lbs guys and not long until I get on the stage. Serious training now with hardcore cardio.


  1. PopularMM MarshMallow says:

    Do a pec bounce

  2. ww ww says:

    OMG!!! Your pecs and biceps are huge! You are freaky huge and awesome! It is still hard to believe how muscular you were at like 12 years old too!

  3. Unknownrapper76 says:

    Btw I’m bulking daddy Jake

  4. George Garcia says:

    Your pics are awesome! I would love to lick your pecs and suck your nipples! You are a true teen muscle Beast! Xoxx

  5. John Gale says:

    Do more cocky flexing

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