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Best Bodybuilder Of all Time legend Kevin Levrone Tribute .
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  1. Luca Florenzi says:

    I think he would have deserve a shadow at least…..I would take one away from Ronnie Coleman and I should give it to him!. And one to flex Wheeler

  2. Martin Falvey says:

    at the moment theres a obsession with kevin,but come on best bodybuilder of all time
    problom we have now is everyone only know top names and follow only that,they know nothing about bodybuilding or name any old school guys or even new guys that have emerged last few years

    kevin had great body and lines but no far off been best ever

  3. Honey Singh says:

    Best bodybuilder and shape in his time, but current phil heath is my fav

  4. Bodybuilding For Life says:

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