MUSCLE MANN | Program Overview | Super Cutting Program by GURU MANN HD

⬛️ So here’s Program Overview of our next program MUSCLE MANN
🔺8 weeks cutting (Fat loss) program for Men & Women
🔺Super Intense program
🔺Push – Pull Technique
🔺New & Delicious Veg & Non-Veg Recipes
🔺Label & Music by T-Series
🔴Finish 2017 and Start 2018 with High Note
👉🏼So are you guys ready to get rid of ur BodyFat and wanna be a MuscleMan💪🏼
🔺Program Number 20 by Guru Mann😀


  1. Hardik Sharma says:

    Can beginners follow this program who are skinny fat

  2. Avinash Kumar says:

    There’s no PDF in that description….

  3. Hardik Sharma says:

    merry Christmas and happy New year sir and we all love you sir thanks for this amazing unique program

  4. Veena dwivedi says:

    U covered every aspect good too good !!!!

  5. gurpreet singh says:

    Watch still end

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