Nancy Teichgraf – 1998 BC Bodybuilding Champion – Overall

Nancy Teichgraf – 1998 BC Bodybuilding Champion – Overall
1st MW – 125.5 lbs.
Overall Champion
Best Poser

Drug-free, all-Natural.
All hard work… and years of training, eating right, measuring food, water, and protein – day-in, day-out!

No quick formulas – just consistency, self-challenge, balance and endurance.

Every exercise, diet and food supplement is tested thoroughly, as a Personal Trainer and self-imposed guinea pig, to ensure I practice what I preach to my clients. Precise logs, journals and measurements are used to document the process like a scientist.

Paper-thin ‘onion skin’ is the litmus test for contest judging.
Judges need to see the quality through extreme low bodyfat like a walking ‘cadaver’. Bodyfat obscures what work has been done. Judges can analyze the quality of the previous 4 years work (like the ‘Olympics’) in an instant, noting any weaknesses, imbalance, neglect or laziness. Poor work ethic shows up as muscles are built slowly over time to acquire density and more time is required to bring each area up to balance. Any body parts that lack balance, symmetry and proportion are revealed. I’ve heard the judges can even tell a steroid muscle apart from a natural one.

Muscle fullness, water depletion, bodyfat % and metabolism – all need to peak on competition day – at the a.m. pre-judging. Muscles can even go flat by the evening show – requiring very skillful scientific precision, monitoring and self-awareness.

Competition-low bodyfat can only be maintained for a tiny window of 1 day up to a week (where all the photoshoots for magazines for the year are done then). Bodyfat levels are quite higher in the off-season. It is very dangerous to stay this low and best to only compete once a year max. It is not recommended to have low bodyfat in general. The natural athlete has to take it very slow, steady and wise to avoid muscle catabolism, loss and low bodyfat most of the year.

Nancy Teichgraf
BC Championships
Personal Trainer

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