Only 5 min HIT-Training (BlowItOut Episode 1) for more strengh in pull ups and chin ups

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BlowItOut (Drop down sets)
Sometimes I do not have time for a long training, but if I do not train when I HAVE TO my strength and muscles will go away.
You can see them as workers without work they will go for sure, but if they have enough work they will stay and if you give them work which they never done before they will learn new strength (muscle confusion :-P, this we want!!!)

This is an under 5min workout focus on the lat, but forearms, biceps and backside of shoulder included.

Do one warm up set and five work sets: like in the video

System is easy; warm up first then to five sets first set heaviest you can do with no force and all most full ROM, drop every set some weight and do every set max reps with max ROM and slowest you movement you can do!
If u never done this before you will get stronger, do this 3 times per week.

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