Ronnie Coleman: Greatest Bodybuilder Ever? Heavy Muscle Radio (2/12/18)

Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto are back for another episode of Heavy Muscle Radio!

Plus, see how you can turn your passion into your business.

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  1. Arco Cola says:

    No. His waist

  2. Big Lenny says:

    Big Lenny is the best bodybuilder to walk this earth

  3. LivingGood_Fitness says:

    Bring the video, radio show on, it’s 2018.

  4. David Renaldo says:

    Ya your right I just thought Dorian just didn’t look good that year and trust me I’m not defending Shawn I think he’s an idiot but just one mans opinion

  5. Quickie Landweg says:

    27:26 seriously Chris? :’D

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