SATURDAY WORKOUT!! – Matilda’s Weightloss

♡ Hi everybody! Welcome to my channel!

x Here, I post both weightloss vlogs and also a bunch of other fitness and health videos with awesome tips and hacks for losing weight and staying healthy.

x My name is Matilda, I’m a 23-year old girl. I’m born and currently live in Stockholm, Sweden in an apartment together with my boyfriend.

x I work fulltime and in my sparetime my biggest goal is working my way to a better, healthier lifestyle and to reach my target weight of 60 kgs! My start weight was 92 kgs and I currently weigh 80 kgs so I have a bit more to do but I WILL MAKE IT!!

x If you feel like you want to take part of my weight loss journey and get ahold of a lot of awesome health, fitness and weight loss tips and of course also my future huge success, feel free to give my videos a big thumbs up, comment and share your own stories and tips, subscribe to my channel and go check out my other social media:

♡ SNAPCHAT: @matildapellen

– What program do I edit in? I edit in Final Cut Pro X

– How old are you? I am 23 years old about to turn 24 in just a couple of weeks.



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  1. Petronella Risita says:

    Are you feeling better now? 🙁 , I’m so sorry that your body was acting up,
    but it’s so good that you got up and tried again! Get some rest this
    weekend and hopefully you’ll be good in no time <3 xx

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