Sembang Santai Fitness – Exercise Ep01 (5 Best Abs workout)

Sembang Santai Fitness is a new casual fitness YouTube Channel brought to life in Sabah by 3 fitness enthusiasts.Through this channel, we want to provide a platform for down to earth topics and discussions about exercise, food, and lifestyle inspired by the local community.

Exercise Ep 01 (5 Best Abs Workout)
Follow Kevin Andrew as he takes you through one of the most popular requests we get from clients; how to work out the core. This is our first workout video and what better way to start off than a full-body integrated workout to help lose some unwanted belly fat?

Antara permintaan paling popular daripada klien-klien kami adalah “Saya mau perut kempis, saya mau six pack”. Oleh itu, untuk video senaman pertama kami, ikuti Kevin Andrew dalam video ini untuk kombinasi senaman yang boleh membantu dalam memperkasakan lagi bahagian torso badan kita; demi perut yang kempis dan menawan.

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