Suzanne Svanevik Crossfit Workout – Female Bodybuilding Motivation | Fitness Gym Quotes & Music

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Suzanne Svanevik Crossfit Workout – Female Bodybuilding Motivation | Fitness Gym Quotes & Music ⚡

• Suzanne Svanevik is a crossfit star, who has successfully competed in crossfit games & is a fully certified trainer right in her early twenties.

• Suzanne was born in the year of 1996 in Berger, Hordaland, Norway.

• After being born in Berger, she spent her early formative years there too.

• She has an elder brother who opened a fitness centre in their hometown of Berger. She now co-owns the place and also works as a personal trainer sharing her valuable experience on attaining fitness at such an early age.

• From very early, Suzanne had passion for fitness and started working out intensely. By the time she was a teenager, she was making her presence felt nationally and internationally through participation in various competitions.

• The competitions were not confined to a single genre per say of fitness i.e. ranging from Crossfit to power lifting to weight lifting to strength training to athletics and then Calisthenics.

• Later, she also started taking time out for soccer on occasional basis making her more than accomplished fitness all-rounder.

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