The Greatest Calves in Bodybuilding History

My list of the greatest calves ever. Who do you think has or had the best pair of calves in bodybuilding?


  1. Muscle Mutant says:

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  2. DiabloSpiritus says:

    I’d say Dorian.

  3. Jon Joe says:

    I have really good calves, they are 17 inches *(heart shaped)* I weight around 175 lbs and never did anything for them… I did read that men with big calves aren’t usually fast runners. That stands to be true with me *(I was never a fast runner when I use to play baseball)* my calves hang really low, thanx to my mom as her calves are pretty low. Not as low as mine, but they are low. My lats are really low too, I have very little spinae erector showing. My biceps are long too, the lateral head of my triceps isn’t low though *(not high, but it isn’t low either)* I always wanted really low lateral head. Like Kevin Levrone OR Roelly Winklaar low… Their triceps are meaty as f*ck

  4. Levan Muradashvili says:

    two words: Dorian Yates!

  5. QuoPacto says:

    Luimarco 2.0?

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