The Greatest Forearms in Bodybuilding History

Lee Priest, Gunnar Rosbo, Frank McGrath, Roelly Winklaar and Phil Heath arguably have the greatest forearms ever, but who would be the best of the best?


  1. MrDragonSpirit says:

    My personal ranking of the best forearms ever:

    3) Phil Heath
    2) Roelly “The Beast” Winklaar
    1) Superman Lee Priest


  2. Levan Muradashvili says:

    Dorian had huge forearms at about 19 inches equal to Roelly Winklaar or Lee Priest, but due to that brachioradialis Phil has the best ever

  3. daniel georgiev says:

    Why you never mention Ronnie Coleman.. I just dont get it.

  4. mrlafayette1964 says:

    Chuck Sipes, 60’s era…his were pretty good too

  5. KhuzaimaHTC Butt says:

    Great job brother

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