The Journey of Bodybuilding Episode 35: Building a Bigger Chest (Hammer Strength Incline Machine)

Main Muscle worked: Chest
Secondary Muscle worked: Tricep
Equipment: Incline Hammer Strength Smith Machine
Sets:4-5 Sets
Guide to perform the Exercise

Sit on a Hammer Strength incline bench press and adjust seat so that the handles are in line with the middle of your chest.
Grasp handles and sit up straight with core tight and back pressed against the seat.
Press handles up and out to a full arms length just before your elbow locks (don’t completely lock your elbows as it is not good to put so much stress on them) and then return to chest.


  1. JHPayne Fitness says:

    one of my favourite chest exercises!

  2. Young And Lifting says:

    Nice video!

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