Which Exercise Is BEST For Weight Loss? (With Subtitles)

Okay, so we all know that exercise is good for health. But which one? Somebody is selling a Fat Burner Challenge or a Belly Fat Blast or a 30 Day Transformation Program. And then there is Yoga, Zumba, CrossFit, Pilates and tomorrow there will be something else.

So, today I am going to give you 2 simple rules, that will help you chose your best workout that you’ll enjoy, it’ll be easy on your wallet and it’ll make you lose weight.

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  1. SANDHYA RAI says:

    😗😗😗u r awsm

  2. Martina Priyadarshini says:

    Well said

  3. sravanthi kolahalam says:

    Can you plz make a video on different form of exercises and the exercises which can be done at home especially to tone the upper body – hands, chest, shoulders & back. Thank you

  4. peed54321 says:

    Yes…i would love to see more videos from u.

  5. Kasturi Ahire says:

    Very useful and will you please make the pro’s and con’s video !!!!!!REQUEST

  6. Sweedal Diason says:

    Hi dear…. deadly need ur help….my height is 5.6 feet and weight is 90…. trying to loss my weight….but the major problem is when I walk or do any excercise, after some time…I get breathless, then not able to continue with the excercise…what would be the cause….I googled it in the net and got the information that it’s excercise induced asthama….but I fully don’t trust the net too, could u help me how to deal with this. I like to walk for half and hour every day, but scared with the aftermath of breathlessness

    • Sweedal Diason says:

      sravanthi kolahalam thank you so much

    • sravanthi kolahalam says:

      Sweedal Diason , hi with such body weight when we directly start exercise , walk or run with high intensity at the very beginning, we develop this condition. Instead make small changes in your lifestyle & go for a walk for 15-30min initially where you can possibly do. Let your body accept the change first, then you can work on it. I had the same condition, but overcame it now. Hope this helped you.

  7. Jaythebestofme J says:

    Cycling pls 🙂

  8. Shweta D says:

    A very helpful video,please make a video on different forms of workout and how it helps

  9. Pavani srinivas says:

    Hi urbanfight.. Much needed video of pros nd cons of various Fitness programs..

  10. Dipti Pawar says:

    Thank you so much for d videos. Please can you review about Zumba – will it be usefull as a weight-loss exercise.

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