Womens Best Smoothie Recipe and Giveaway | Weightloss / POST WORKOUT

FILMED: 18-01-2018

I have one of these smoothies almost everyday! its like a protein shake but better! I have this for breakfast, post workout, or even desert because it is so delicious! its also a smoothie so reaaaaaly easy!!! Quick and easy recipe!

ONE piece Swimsuit: Bras n things (OLD)

THINGS I’ve mentioned:
Womens Best:
BCAA’s Peach Iced TEA

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Hi!!! My name is Maddie and I live just outside of the city of Adelaide in South Australia!
I am currently 22 years old and studying a masters of Nutrition and Dietetics with the aim of becoming a Dietician.
As well as health and fitness I am passionate about fashion and swing and I love to make styling videos and sewing tutorials! Check out my Luca Label insta page if you like yoga and all things recycled and eco-friendly!!!!

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  1. Larry Rubin says:

    What’s the best superfood? What’s on your right arm Maddie?

    • Larry Rubin says:

      Maddie Luca sorry to hear. Here in America we don’t have that type of brace. A video on superfoods would be great. I searched and know there are so many but some are super powerful. Pomegranate
      A Chinese apple a day keeps the doctor away!!!

    • Maddie Luca says:

      My wrist is strapped because i injured it haha! and im not sure that there is a BEST superfood! i could do a video about superfoods though?

  2. towards_ happier_life says:

    I would love to try protein bites.. looks yummy
    My insta- towards_happier_life

  3. Dick Henis says:

    Swimsuit tryon videos also. G

  4. Knighthokie23 says:

    I enjoyed this video by far and is this product mostly for women strictly only?

    I’m guy myself and I want to get healthier this year and years beyond. I have to be careful when it comes to GMO. GMO is ruining our food! Vegan all the way! πŸ™‚

    I don’t think I see you make veggie spaghetti? I’m all ears to hear your recommendations! πŸ™‚ Glad I found your channel recently! I just followed you on Instagram.

    Take care and have a blessed day, dear! ☺

  5. Antonella Birger says:

    You would look very sexy in a corset if you prefer wearing one hunπŸ˜πŸ˜—

  6. Fernando Gabriel says:


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